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North Dakota

Low-income North Dakota residents may qualify for discounted home phone service through the government-sponsored LifeLine/Link-Up program. Unlike several other states that can take advantage of free cell phones, North Dakota residents may only receive discounted rates on their home phone line. What LifeLine Offers Qualified North Dakota residents may waive part of the phone deposit […] Read more


PLEASE SEE UPDATED ARTICLE FOR CURRENT INFORMATION REGARDING LOUISIANA LIFELINE PROGRAM As of this writing, April 2011, Louisiana doesn’t have a free government phone program. What they do have is a discounted program. As indicated on the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates website, there are 9 states that only offer discount phone service […] Read more

Xchange Telecom

In addition to taking advantage of the free cell phone service provided by SafeLink Wireless and Assurance Wireless, New York residents who qualify can take advantage of discounted landline phone rates as a result of the Lifeline program. Through Xchange Telecom, low-income New York residents can reduce their monthly phone bill and offset their phone […] Read more


When applying for a free government phone keep in mind there is a process that must be followed. Unfortunately, too often people anxious to receive a free phone attempt to take shortcuts or circumvent the system. One of the requirements for receiving a free government phone is having a valid home address. Whether you’re applying […] Read more


7/12/18: Please see the updated article on Idaho Free Government Phones. As of this writing, April 2011, Idaho does not have a free government phone program or a wireless phone program. What they do have is similar to what is offered in California. They offer discounted home phone rates to those who qualify. While this […] Read more

Home Phone

Unlike the other free government phone programs, California’s LifeLine Telephone Program does not offer free phones, cell phones or free phone service. Instead, they offer deeply discounted home phone service with no credit check, no deposit and no contract.

ReachOut Wireless

ReachOut Wireless

As a participant of the government’s LifeLine program, ReachOut Wireless offers both free phones and deeply discounted phone service for low-income individuals. In general, ReachOut Wireless offers free phones, but the free phone option is not available in all states. For those states in which they are unable to offer free phones, they offer discounted phone service through their Simple Plan program.