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If you live in the state of Tennessee you can take advantage of the free government cell phone offers as presented by SafeLink Wireless and Assurance Wireless. Both companies offer free cell phones to qualified Tennessee residents. Along with the free cell phone comes free airtime. The amount of airtime varies depending on which plan […] Read more


Pennsylvania residents have several options when it comes to free or discount government phones. Free Government Cell Phones Assurance Wireless and SafeLink Wireless are approved to offer free cell phones to qualified Pennsylvania residents. As participants of the Federal LifeLine and Link-Up programs, these companies offer free cell phones and free talk time to residents […] Read more


Qualified Florida residents have the option of participating in either the free government cell phone program or discounted landline phone program. The Lifeline/Link-Up Programs make it possible for low-income individuals who need help paying their phone bills to receive either free or discounted service. Free cell phones are offered to Florida residents through SafeLink Wireless […] Read more


Texas residents have the option to participate in either the free government cell phone program or discounted home phone service. SafeLink Wireless, Q Link Wireless and Assurance Wireless are the three cell phone companies offering free government phones, are approved to do business in the state of Texas (currently, February 2012, ReachOut Wireless is not […] Read more

Regulatory Commission of Alaska

Low-income residents living in Alaska can take advantage of the Lifeline/Link-Up government assisted phone programs. These programs allow qualified individuals to receive discounted phone service. To qualify for the program candidates must participate in one of the following government assistance programs: Medicaid Food Stamp Program Supplemental Security Income Federal Public Housing Assistance Low-Income Home Energy […] Read more


Eligible Virginia residents can participate in the Virginia Universal Service Plan. The Virginia Universal Service Plan is also known as the Lifeline/Link-Up program. The Virginia State Corporation Commission and the Federal Communications Commission administer this plan to help low-income individuals obtain affordable phone service. Free Government Phones Because of this program, some wireless cell phone […] Read more

North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina and meet the qualification requirements, you may participate in the Lifeline/Link-Up programs. What this means is that you can receive either a free cell phone or enjoy discounts on your home landline. Qualifying for Lifeline/Link-Up The Lifeline/Link-Up programs were created to help low-income households obtain and maintain home telephone […] Read more

Free Government Phones in Delaware

Delaware residents can take advantage of free cell phone services offered through Assurance Wireless and SafeLink Wireless. These free services are offered to low-income individuals as a result of the Lifeline and Link-Up programs. SafeLink and Assurance offer free airtime in addition to the free cell phones. The number of free airtime units vary from […] Read more


Low-income individuals living in the state of Michigan have quite a few options when it comes to free government cell phones and/or discounted phone service. Free Government Phones Through the Lifeline program, Michigan residents can opt to sign up for free cell phone services as offered through Assurance Wireless, ReachOut Wireless and SafeLink Wireless. All […] Read more

New Jersey

As a result of the Lifeline and Link-Up government programs, New Jersey residents can take advantage of free government phones offered through SafeLink Wireless, Assurance Wireless or Q Link Wireless. In addition to free government phones, New Jersey residents who qualify may sign up for discounted phone service through local New Jersey phone companies. Qualifications […] Read more