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What Happened to Conexion Wireless?

In 2012, we wrote a post on Conexion Wireless. Back then they were a free government phone provider. However, since that time, something happened because their website is no longer up and running.

In reviewing the Better Business Bureau’s  information, Conexion Wireless was given an A rating. It also listed the phone number and mailing address for Conexion as follows:

Phone Number: (888) 541-7464
Address: 6905 N Wickham Rd Ste 403, Melbourne, FL 32940-7553
Website: www.conexionwireless.com

Looking further down the BBB’s web page you will note Conexion Wireless has a related business called Associated Telecommunications Management Services. Associated Telecommunications is the parent company for not only Conexion, but also the following telephone related companies (letters in parenthesis denotes the BBB’s rating for the company as of the date of this writing):

  • All American Telecom, Inc. (A)
  • American Dial Tone, Inc. (F)
  • Angles Communication Solutions (F)
  • Bellerud Communications, LLC (A+)
  • Dialtone & More, Inc. (F)
  • LifeConnex Telecom, LLC (F)
  • Ren-Tel Communications, Inc. (F)
  • SCTX Link, LLC (F)
  • TriArch Marketing, Inc. (F)
  • USA Cellular Networks (A)

The parent company is located at the same address as Conexion Wireless, but it has a few additional phone numbers as follows:
Phone: (321) 373-1333
(866) 744-0949
(800) 797-3547
(866) 613-1200
Fax: (321) 250-4400

The parent company uses the web address of www.usafreephone.com

Why Write about Conexion and it’s Parent Company?

This post is written as a result of an email we received. An individual who had a cell phone from Conexion Wireless was put in a precarious position when the cell phone died. In addition to the cell phone dying, this person had no way to contact Conexion Wireless regarding a new phone.

We shared the above information with the individual with the hopes of a resolution to the problem.

Logic tells us that if one person is having such a problem with Conexion Wireless, there’s a chance that other people are having the exact same problem. As such we decided to write this post in the hopes that it would help someone else in the same situation.

Buyer Beware

The free government phone program was instituted to help those who would otherwise have a difficult time obtaining a phone and phone service. Unfortunately, there is a large profit potential for phone companies that participating in the free government phone program. As such, some companies get into the business for the profits and the customer suffers.

We don’t know for sure if Associated Telecommunications Management Services is in the free government phone business just to make a profit, but having so many companies with a BBB rating of “F” makes one wonder.

It is up to the consumer to do his homework. Don’t be fooled by the enticing ads and websites. Before you sign up for a free government phone with any provider, do a little research to make sure you won’t be stuck with a broken phone and a company that won’t respond.

Update November 2013: Conexion Wireless has been slapped with an $18,000,000 penalty by the FCC for lifeline violations.

About the author: This site was created to help people find information about free government phones. We do not mail, activate or repair free government phones nor do we provide service. If you have questions about phone service we suggest you contact the phone service provider directly.

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