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Cintex Wireless Free Government Phones

In addition to the three major free government phone service providers, which are Assurance Wireless, ReachOut wireless and SafeLink Wireless, there are a host of regional free cell phone providers.

Cintex Wireless  falls under the category of regional free government phone service provider. As of February 2012, they operate in the states of Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island and West Virginia. Since they add new states periodically, it’s wise to check their website to see if they have since added your state.

You have the option to sign up for their newsletter. By doing so they will notify you when they are able to provide service in your state.

What Cintex Wireless Offers

Just like the other free government phone providers, they are able to offer the free service because they are they participate in the Federal Lifeline program. As such, they offer free cell phones along with free airtime.

Their website does not provide information on the number of free airtime minutes they offer. However, if you have questions regarding talk time and program intricacies, call 1- 877 – 304 – 9183 or contact them via email. A representative will answer your questions.

Qualifying for Cintex Wireless

If you visit their web website you will note that the first three questions they ask is whether or not you Medicaid, Social Security income or Food Stamps. Those are just three of the programs that make you eligible for free government phones. In order to qualify to receive free phones, you must participate in at least one government assistance program and/or meet the household income requirements as set forth by your state.Ciintex Wireless free government cell phones

Since Cintex Wireless operates in various states, each state has its own additional eligibility requirements. To find out more information on state requirements, click on the “By State” link in the menu above and select your state.

Applying for Free Government Phones

Once you have confirmed your eligibility criteria, visit the Cintex website and click on the appropriate state to begin the application process. You have the option of completing the online application* and submitting it via the Internet or downloading and printing the application and mailing it using snail mail.

Once you’ve completed the application and submit it with all of the necessary information, it may take several weeks for you to receive your free cell phone.

Please be advised that if someone else in your economic unit is already a member of the Lifeline government phone program you may not participate in this Cintex Wireless program. You may only participate in one Lifeline program per economic unit.

*Online Application not currently available in Rhode Island

About the author: This site was created to help people find information about free government phones. We do not mail, activate or repair free government phones nor do we provide service. If you have questions about phone service we suggest you contact the phone service provider directly.