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ReachOut Wireless


Mississippi residents can take advantage of several free government phone programs. There are the three free cell phone programs (ReachOut Wireless, Assurance Wireless and SafeLink Wireless). In addition to the free programs, residents can take advantage of discounted home land line rates through the LifeLine/Link-Up Program. Qualified Mississippi residents can receive a 50% discount (up [...]


When applying for a free government phone you must keep in mind that there is a process that must be followed. Unfortunately, too often people anxious to receive a free phone attempt to take short cuts or circumvent the system. One of the requirements for receiving a free government phone is that you provide the [...]

ReachOut Wireless

As a participant of the government’s LifeLine program, ReachOut Wireless offers both free phones and deeply discounted phone service for low-income individuals. In general, ReachOut Wireless offers free phones, but the free phone option is not available in all states. For those states in which they are unable to offer free phones, they offer discounted phone service through their Simple Plan program.