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Global Connection

Global Connection does not offer free government phones or cell phones, but as a participant in the government Lifeline Program, they are able to offer discounted phone service. If you qualify you can receive discounts ranging from $10 to $13.50 per month depending on the laws in your participating state. If you participate in any [...]


TerraCom Wireless is another player in the free wireless phone arena. They participate in the government Lifeline program and offer free cell phones along with 250 minutes of free talk time to qualified individuals. Currently (as of December, 2012) they provide free cell phone service in Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. If you [...]

Budget Mobile  has joined the ranks of phone companies offering free government cell phone service. In other words they participate in the Federal Lifeline/Link Up phone program. In addition to providing a free phone, Budget Mobile offers 250 free airtime minutes. Currently there offering service in the state of: · Arkansas · Georgia · Indiana [...]

Life Wireless is another phone service provider offering free government phones along with free airtime. They participate in the federal Lifeline/Link-Up program, which allows them to offer free government phones to qualified households. Being a regional provider, Life Wireless currently offers (as of January, 2015) service in the following states: Arizona Arkansas Colorado Georgia Illinois [...]

There is a newcomer to the free government phone service providers. In the past, qualified individuals could obtain a free government phone and free airtime through Assurance Wireless, SafeLink Wireless or ReachOut Wireless. Now they have another option, Q Link wireless. The Federal Lifeline Program makes the Q Link Wireless service possible. Just like the [...]


Texas residents have the option to participate in either the free government cell phone program or discounted home phone service. SafeLink Wireless, Q Link Wireless and Assurance Wireless are the three cell phone companies offering free government phones, are approved to do business in the state of Texas (currently, February 2012, ReachOut Wireless is not [...]

TSI Phone Service

TSI through Nexus Communications offers discounted phone service to low income individuals. As a member of the LifeLine/Link-Up program, TSI is able to offer up to 50% off of telephone installation and set up plus discounted monthly phone service. TSI does not offer free cell phones. This service applies to home landlines only. The discounted [...]