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Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless is another provider of free government cell phones. Their monthly service is not free, but the rates are extremely reasonable. Assist Wireless can provide such service as a result of the government Lifeline/Link-Up Program. Although they advertise as providing service in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and Oklahoma, their website only lists plans for the [...]


TerraCom Wireless is another player in the free wireless phone arena. They participate in the government Lifeline program and offer free cell phones along with 250 minutes of free talk time to qualified individuals. Currently (as of December, 2012) they provide free cell phone service in Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. If you [...]

StandUP Wireless is offering free cell phone along with airtime in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland and Missouri. As part of the Federal Lifeline/Link-Up program, StandUP Wireless offers 100 anytime minutes along with 100 texts per month. If you don't use your allotted time, it is rolled over for use the following month. If [...]

Budget Mobile  has joined the ranks of phone companies offering free government cell phone service. In other words they participate in the Federal Lifeline/Link Up phone program. In addition to providing a free phone, Budget Mobile offers 250 free airtime minutes. Currently there offering service in the state of: · Arkansas · Georgia · Indiana [...]

Life Wireless is another phone service provider offering free government phones along with free airtime. They participate in the federal Lifeline/Link-Up program, which allows them to offer free government phones to qualified households. Being a regional provider, Life Wireless currently offers (as of January, 2015) service in the following states: Arizona Arkansas Colorado Georgia Illinois [...]

Conexion Wireless is another cell phone provider that is approved to offer free government phones and free airtime. Conexion is a regional free government phone provider. They're currently approved to offer service in Arkansas, Maryland and West Virginia. As a part of the Lifeline Program, qualified residents will receive a free cell phone along with [...]

In addition to the three major free government phone service providers, which are Assurance Wireless, ReachOut wireless and SafeLink Wireless, there are a host of regional free cell phone providers. Cintex Wireless  falls under the category of regional free government phone service provider. As of February 2012, they operate in the states of Arkansas, Maine, [...]